Terms of Service

Terms of Service

I identify my business as “Christine Balarezo LLC” (the official business entity). A service-based spirituality business. My website offers services around intuitive spiritual coaching, personal readings (tarot & oracle, channelled messages), energy healing, and educational trainings. 

Cancellations/late arrivals and no shows: I will not offer refunds for late cancellations, late arrivals or no shows. If a client has given me 24 hours cancellation notice I will attempt to reschedule the appointment at a different time.

Grievances: I seek to make my clients satisfied and always recommend people reach out to me if they are for any reason dissatisfied or unhappy with any of my services.

Guarantees: I make no guarantees or promises for the service I provide and the effects or efficacy  may vary from person to person.

Rights to withdrawal: For intuitive spiritual coaching, once the first scheduled coaching session has started, no refunds of any fees will be provided. If a refund is requested no later than 24 hours prior to starting the coaching period, and this is received by email – a refund may be offered at my discretion. The client or coach may terminate the coaching agreement at any time with two weeks written notice. No refunds of fees will be provided once coaching has commenced.

Refunds and Cancellation policies for individual services: Are available for each service on my service pages

Payment options: all payment is rendered upon booking a service(s) via Paypal. Payment plans may be offered from time to time, at my discretion.

Intellectual property: I retain the rights to all content and imagery used on this website and no parts or whole may be duplicated, replicated, copied, or plagiarized. Permission to repost any content will need to be obtained.