Personal Readings


I offer various types of intuitive, channeled tarot and oracle readings, also known as personal readings. These are wonderful to gain clarity, connection, and confirmation on many different life topics. Please visit my YouTube Live Streams  to get a better idea of my energy and how I read, as well as testimonials on this website and within these live streams as well.


All topics are welcomed including but not limited to: 

  • Love  
  • Relationships  
  • Pets  
  • Business & Career  
  • Finances & Wealth  
  • Life Path  
  • Year Ahead  
  •  Birthday Readings 
  • Lunar Cyles & Eclipses

I DO NOT do personal readings on death, medical diagnoses, or legal issues.

Important To Know

These are live, real-time video personal readings. Include your question(s) in the notes box when scheduling. No other details are necessary unless you wish to provide background information. I also provide time at the start of each reading to clarify your questions if you need further assistance.


I offer 30-minute & 90-minute personal reading sessions. The 30-minute session is perfect for you if you prefer quick and to the point readings. If you prefer to deep dive into one or more questions, the  90-minute session is perfect for you. Note that the 90-minute personal readings can go up to 120 minutes since I channel messages!

Refunds & Cancellation Policy

You have 48 hours to reschedule if you need to. Please arrive on time. Sessions will be canceled if you are more than 10 minutes late or do not show up. This does not apply to Distant Energy Healing sessions. If you are late, I will not make up the time difference. There are no refunds.