Intuitive Spiritual Coaching


If you are looking for clarity, guidance, support, and/or development of your gifts in various life topics, intuitive spiritual coaching is a wonderful way to reach your goals! These sessions are focused on making progress, finding solutions, accountability, transformation, and most importantly, moving forward. A broad variety of support and guidance is offered based on your goals. I facilitate and ask you questions using my own intuitive and psychic gifts (e.g., clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairgustance), and allow space for expansion. 

This is a multilayered process that is very dynamic. You will find that the work you’re doing during your session as well as outside of it will start to bring golden nuggets of illumination, signs, synchronicities, and messages. It’s also very important I state this: I am not here to tell you what to do, how to live, what decisions to make, or offer psychic predictions as solutions. I am here to help you reconnect to yourself by unlocking your inner knowing, strengthening self-trust and self-love, harnessing your own intuitive and psychic powers, and empowering your own agency. I can offer suggestions with your permission and share resources, but you are the only person that knows your soul being the best. As a lighthouse myself, I am here to help you turn on your own light, so you can fully shine. Finally, I believe our spiritual and earthly journeys are one of the same, intertwined, and cannot exist without the other.


I love supporting and guiding my clients in various areas of life, including
but not limited to:

  • Spirituality
  • Intuitive & Psychic Development
  • Relationships
  • Career & Business
  • Self-worth & Values
  • Self-love & Wellness
  • Life & Purpose(s) Clarity (I believe we all have multiple purposes!)
  • Empath & HSP Support  


Each coaching session is a generous 75 minutes per week for 12 weeks. These are live, real-time video sessions. While boundaries are important for you and I to safeguard this container, I also allow for space to occur. Sessions may sometimes go over a few minutes. If you’re OK with that, so am I.

“Spirituality is all about remembering who you are and where you really come from” - Christine


I offer a 3-month package consisting of 12 sessions | $3,000.
We meet every week for 75 minutes over video for 12 sessions, which is about three (3) months.

I do not offer single or signature packages at this time. I have found that single coaching sessions are not efficient or effective for either the client or myself. It takes time to make and see the progress you want with your goals. I have found that 12 sessions is a great time frame to see results.

Please review my Mission  & Values as these are important elements in all of my services, especially intuitive spiritual coaching. It is really important that there is mutual comfort and energy resonance in order to establish trust and build a working relationship together.

Finally, I label this as “investment” because this IS an investment! You are not purchasing a pack of gum to chew and dispose of in less than an hour. Your worth and your personal development are not priced as a transactional number. You are investing in your soul growth on a multitude of levels by undergoing a transformative and very vulnerable process in which you are the main driver. Intuitive spiritual coaching requires commitment to your goals and values, accountability, and a lot of processing, reflecting, and sitting with things that will come up before, during, and after your sessions. In other words, you get out of it what you put in.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, I’d love to chat with you over a virtual coffee or hot chocolate to talk more about how we can work together. I offer a free, no pressure call to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

Therapy Disclaimer

I am not a licensed mental health professional or medical doctor. I do not treat or diagnose any mental health or medical conditions. Intuitive spiritual coaching is not therapy nor is a substitute for therapy, mental health, or medical care. My background, education, and training in trauma-informed human rights, working with human and sensitive subjects, mental health, and crisis counseling offer a framework to guide others but in no way is this a replacement for medical care of any kind. Please use your discernment and consult with your mental health professional and/or medical team.