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I highly recommend working with this wonderful human

I could summarize working with Christine with one word, and that word is ‘blessing’. She’s incredibly intuitive and psychic, an unbelievable channeler that is going to dig deep into whatever issue you’re coming to her for. Her readings are so special, in depth and packed full of not just information, but also advice on both a spiritual but also very practical level. I treasured each and every word of advice she’s ever given me and she’s been pivotal in my ‘upgrade’ both as a person and as a practitioner, reader and healer, another great word to describe working with her is ’empowering’.

The reiki healing sessions with her have always been something akin to a magical experience. Her energy is powerful, you can feel it working on your physical and energetic body very clearly, and the insight I got from everything she’s seen, heard and felt during our sessions was spot on with what I was going through, and extremely healing and transformative. I’ve got great results from her sessions, and they’ve helped improved my well-being on many different levels.

I think something very important about working with Christine is that she’s not going to do ALL the work for you, she’s going to make you questions things and she’s going to make you realize what patterns and shadows you need to work on and how to heal and integrate them yourself, so that you can actually achieve permanent results in your life. Another very important factor as to why working with Christine is amazing, is that she’s never going to make you feel less than because of her strong empathy and ability to put herself in your shoes and perfectly understand where you’re coming from.  I highly recommend working with this wonderful human, she’s going to truly help you turn your life around!

Rhea, June 2022

Blown Away!

111% recommend Christine for a personal tarot reading! She is a phenomenal channel for higher wisdom and she translates it in a way that makes sense to you! She goes above and beyond to help you gain the clarity you need. Being a tarot reader myself, I am very discerning about whom I let read my energy. I’m so glad I got a reading with Christine! I was blown away by the accuracy! She confirmed my intuitive nudges and added a much needed higher outside perspective that helped me decipher my next steps and gain the confidence to take them!

Katie, November 2022

Amazing Confirmation!

Christine is truly a real find! I don’t know how she is able to gather so much detail from the minimal information I can send through screens. Our communication thus far has only been through comment boxes on a YT phone screen (on my end). Despite that she can reflect my emotions, past/current/present patterns, relate them to the present and even intuitively sense what’s coming next…which always mirrors a gut feeling I’ve already had before asking her to read for me; meaning Christine confirms downloads I’m received from the Universe. Her guidance always gives me space to decide for myself what to do next, which only highlights the depth of her understanding of interpreting energy in an uplifting, confident, and authentic way!

Miss Jax, June 2022

Amazing Experience

I had an amazing experience during my reading with Christine. She was very welcoming, genuine, and thorough. Through her intuitive guidance, I gained greater clarity on the current phase that I’m going through, and I received the confirmation that I was looking for. During our chat at the end of the reading, I could feel that Christine truly wants me to succeed. Her authenticity is refreshing. I highly recommend her services, and I’ll definitely book again soon.

Jazmin, February 2023

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