Educational and Other

Educational and Other


I am passionate about education and helping folks find self-sustainable ways to learn, grow, transform, and empower themselves. One way I do this is by teaching others so that they can learn and then support themselves, while also teaching others. It is a positive and expansive cycle where light is transmitted from one person to another.


I incorporate many of these teachings and guidance with my coaching clients as needed based on their interests and goals. If you are interested in something not listed here, please reach out to me.

Educational topics include but are not limited to:

  • Energy Management & Integrity
  • (vital  for HSPs, empaths, and other energy sensitives)
  • Energetic Boundaries
  • Intuitive & Psychic Ethics & Guidelines
  • Practicing Your Intuitive & Psychic Gifts
  • Channeling
  • Mediumship Abilities
  • Dreams & Dream Interpretation
  • Tarot & Oracle
  • (how to get started, intuitive reading, traditional format, etc.)
  • Candle Magic
  • Herb Magic
  • Limpia de Huevo (Egg Cleansing) & Interpretation
  • Altars (how to get started, set up, decorate, use, etc.)
  • Cord-Cutting Rituals
  • Crystals (selection, usage, healing, care)
  • Spiritual Practices & Rituals (how to get started, tailor it to your life, etc.)
  • Establishing Your Values
  • Practice Sessions & More!
“You don’t need to be perfect to start. Imperfection is the best course in reconnecting to your true soul being. Along the way is where you’ll start to pick up clues that take you back home, back to yourself, your gifts, your hopes, your passions, and your desires, all over again. It’s like walking down a new path your soul has already walked on before” - Christine


Duration : Each session is 60 minutes (1 hour) $75 per session. | Buy 2 Sessions, Get 1  Free (comes out to $50 a session!). Contact me if you’re interested in this.

Important To Know

  • These are educational, one-to-one sessions that are highly tailored based on what you’d like to learn and/or receive mentorship. For example, if you’re interested in candle magic, I can teach you all about selection, different types of candles, colors, anointing, adding in items like charms & herbs, activation, etc., or walk you through the process of creating your own candle based on a theme (e.g.,peaceful communication with someone else, attracting love, etc.).
  • The possible topics are infinite and I illustrate this just as an example. These sessions are 100% educational and do not involve any intuitive or psychic transmission or any form of divination on my part.
  • I also offer space for you to practice your own divinatory skills with your gifts, whether it is through cartomancy, tarot, oracle,
  • pendulum, scrying, channeling, etc. I can offer you feedback, tools for refinement, and ways to strengthen your gifts and practice. Most folks have very strong gifts; they simply lack trust in themselves to believe what it is they are perceiving, sensing, and ‘hearing’ from other realms. 

Refunds & Cancellation Policy

You have 48 hours to reschedule if you need to. Please arrive on time. Sessions will be canceled if you are more than 10 minutes late or do not show up. If you are late, I will not make up the time difference. There are no refunds.