Mission & Values


To support and help creative sensitives in the world reconnect to their true soul being as they navigate their spiritual and earthly journeys by using my intuitive and psychic gifts with practical, multi-and interdisciplinary transcultural knowledge.


My spiritual business’s values come from my own lived experiences, challenges, and celebrations in life, and what has generally helped me become a stronger human soul.


I offer my time, energy and generosity through guidance that is available through my YouTube Channel (including live streams), complimentary personal reading giveaways, coffee chats with folks, collaborations, education, recorded and available speaking engagements, mentorship, and service. I aim to provide different forms of guidance in diverse formats, modalities, price points, and reach so my work is available to those that truly value what I do and desire to benefit from it.


This is a Spanish word that has various meanings, including love, affection, nurture. I bring this energy to all of my clients so that they also feel seen, heard, and valued.


I invest time and energy to build genuine and meaningful relationships with my clients, collaborators, and those I connect with.



I warmly welcome all souls no matter how you identify, what you look like, where you come from, or any other marker.


I am abundantly giving with my time, energy, wisdom, and expertise in order to guide others in this lifetime but also as a way to pay it forward. This is evident in my client sessions and coffee chats.


I offer a psychologically and emotionally safe container for folks to bring their vulnerable selves to any session. It’s vital to feel safe with whomever you’re connecting to.